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Special Events

2014 President's Cup at Wilmot Mtn, WI

When ›Sunday, February 16, 2014 from 9:00am till 9:00pm
Past event

On February 16, the 2014 President’s Cup tournament took place at Wilmot Mtn., WI. At the start line stood the best skiers of Tatry Ski Club.

Although it seemed the winner would be Mariusz Klus, due to his excellent time and perfect run, in the end the President’s Cup was awarded to Szymon Gąsienica-Daniel.

In the absence of Renata Staszel and Agnes Szyzdek this year,  Agathe Georgeon easily won in the women’s category. However, Nicolette Klus, the winner of the Girls’ category, was only 0.28 seconds slower than Agathe – surely it will be a close run next year, since Nicolette will be starting in Women’s category.

Fortunately, there will be future competitions held in Colorado. All parents inquiring whether Tatry Ski Club teaches how to ski are referred to the ski training school in Wilmot Mtn., WI. If anyone has doubts, they should see how Filip Bereziński and Kai Kulawiuk ski. Genes are inherited from our parents and certainly have a vast impact, but apparently talent is only 25 %, the rest is practice and hard work. 10 -year-old Filip achieved a sixth time including men’s run, Kai achieved 10th, Robert Kulon 20th, Nicolette 9th, also including men’s run. Congratulations parents!

2014 President's Cup winners

Men: Szymon Gasienica-Daniel
Boys: Filip Bereziński
Women: Agathe Georgeon
Girls: Nicolette Klus

Participants once again had the opportunity to see Tatry Ski Club in action: it knows how to host an event. During lunch, served by the Party Committee, there was time for discussion and various topics, not only skiing.

Congratulations to all winners, participants and organizers of the event!

Pictures from the event:
Part 1 Part 2