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16th International Polish Championship in Alpine Skiing and Snowboarding, Copper Mtn, CO (2014)

April 22, 2014

As usual, a large group of contenders from the Chicago area had arrived, as well as a very strong team of skiers from Poland. However, the two-day competition held in very variable weather conditions has clearly shown how difficult it is to earn the title of champion.

After two runs of the Giant Slalom on the first day, the leaders (both among men and women) were not able to maintain their high position. The Slalom run, held in the beautiful, sunny weather introduced considerable changes in the general classification. Especially the second run meant that a large group of favorites lost chances for a place on the podium.

Since Szymon Gasienica-Daniel and Artur Romanowski were not present at this year’s competition, approximately 10 riders fought to win the title - often ended up falling out of the trail.

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